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【JapanHida Beef Meat Sushi & sukiyaki croquettes】|Gero, Gifu

Gero Onsen is one of the best tourist destinations in Japan.

It is recommended to enjoy eating and walking around.

“Yushima-an” which we visited this time, is a butcher shop, but it also offers meat sushi and other dishes for tourists.

I tried eating the “Three kinds of meat sushi”

“Three kinds of meat sushi” is very beautiful!

From left to right: “Hida Natto Gori Pork Belly Nigiri”, “Hida Beef Marbled Nigiri”, and “Hida Beef Akami Nigiri”.

The meat sushi is served on a platter of ebisen, which can be eaten, making it environmentally friendly.

The meat is seared and cooked right in front of you after you order, so it is freshly prepared.

It is seasoned originally, so there is no need to add soy sauce or other seasonings.

Of course, the Hida beef used is A5 grade.

“Hida Natto Gori Pork Belly Nigiri” is not at all greasy and the flavor of the pork fat seeps out and is tasty.

“Hida Beef Marbled Nigiri” melts in your mouth. It is insanely tasty.

“Hida Beef Akami Nigiri” is meaty but tender, and you can enjoy the flavor of the meat and it is extremely delicious.

I tried eating the “sukiyaki croquettes”

The picture shows “sukiyaki croquettes”.

The “sukiyaki croquettes” are also not pre-made, but are cooked to order.

They are served freshly fried in about 5 minutes.

It looks delicious.

The sukiyaki is properly contained inside.

The potatoes and sukiyaki are tender and the batter is crispy and super tasty.

Since it is freshly fried, it is so hot that it almost burns you, but that is good.

It’s like a butcher’s croquette.

Menu of “Yushima-an”

The images below are part of the menu at “Yushima-an”.

Store information about “Yushima-an”

Located in the hot spring district of Gero Onsen, “Yushima-an” is easy to find, as there is always a line out the door.

store nameYushima-an
address845 Yunoshima,
Gero-shi, Gifu 509-2207
phone number050-5592-4926
operating hours[Monday – Tuesday] 9:00~18:00(L.O)
[Thursday – Friday] 9:00~18:00(L.O)
[Saturday, Sunday, Holidays] 9:00~18:00(L.O)
regular holidayWednesday
parkingThere is no dedicated parking space.
official web sitehttp://yushimaan.com

Google Map


“Yushima-an” is a must-visit restaurant when sightseeing in Gero Onsen.

Please come and visit us in Gero Onsen, Japan.

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